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Contemporary architects warm up to brick, using it to give a distinct style to luxurious homes



Quality products available in varrious seizes.Also we can customize seizes.

Best quality gauranteed.

Using brick is labour-intensive and today is almost as costly as concrete, depending on the size of the building. However, for many young architects, it gives them an opportunity to work hands-on with masons, unlike any other material.

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Achieve the genuine look of an exposed brick wall with real brick tiles.

The conveyor belts are running again. The kiln is fired up to its maximum temperature of 1,025C. Machines stretch clay, cut it into brick shapes and shrink-wrap the the final product in plastic.

​Expose the style and character in your home Real exposed brickwork​


Timely Delivery after order is raised


Breakage not more than 1 %

Technical and laying support available on materials

Bhakti Brick Industries is one of the largest Suppliers,manufacturer and exporter of fine quality clay products in India. The company manufactures a wide variety of burnt clay products, namely:



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How the humble brick became fashionable again

By Justin Parkinson

------------BBC News Magazine

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Well burnt in klins and good strength.

Bhakti Brick Industries

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Advantages of Investing in a Clay Tile Roof

Clay Products has been a foremost and reliable choice in present times because of following reasons -

  • Longlasting durability. A clay bricks or tiles are so durable, it can easily outlast the structure it tops. It’s also resistant to fire, hail, moisture absorption, mold/algae growth and heat.
  • 100 % Sustainability. Because it’s made from all-natural, chemically-inert materials and is fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan, clay bricks and tiles is an eco-friendly choice.

  • Saves Energy. Since Clay is a natural insulator, the air can easily circulate under the installed tiles, your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so you conserve energy.
  • Different appeal. Clay brick tiles are available in a range of distinctive profile and seizes with uniue earthly natural shades arising from the natural firing process thus giving it a diifrent appeal and uniueness all together.
  • Facing Bricks & Blocks (Clay Bricks)
  • Brick Cladding & Brick Tiles
  • Clay Pavers & Patio Pavers (Paving Bricks)
  • Decorative Bricks & Blocks
  • Garden & Landscape Products
  • Bricks of Special Shape & Custom-made Products
  • Flooring bricks and weathering tiles.

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