Bhakti Brick elevation and cladding tiles are widely used internally and externally in settings such as feature walls in retail and commercial outlets, restaurants, coffee shops and major blue chip head offices and even in residential houses. All the products are made from natural processed clay and added minerals to make it subtle and solid.Natural firing gives them a uniue textures and shades so that when its applied gives an aesthetic look and feel.

“We work closely with customers and design teams to turn visions into reality and understand the importance of delivering a quality product within budget.”

9" x 3" x 14 mm

9" x 4" x 14 mm

8" x 4" x 14 mm

9" x 3" x 13 mm

9" x 3" x 20 mm

9" x 4" x 13 mm

Rope Bamboo Brick Elevation patti / Rope Cladding

Facing Brick Elevation Tiles 

 Bhakti Bricks0010

 Bhakti Bricks0040

Red/Terracotta PROFILE

Rope Bamboo Brick Elevation Tiles / Rope Cladding

Facing Brick Elevation Tiles / Brick Slips

9" x 1" x 14 mm

Facing Brick Elevation Tiles / Brick Slips

 Bhakti Bricks0080


9" x 3" x 14 mm

​Facing Bricks / Elevation Bricks-Tile brick 

Bumper Facing Brick Elevation Tiles / Bumper Brick Cladding

Brick cladding is a construction term that means brick to coat another type of material, for some sort of function or to make it look better. It also protects the coated item from the elements. 

Some of the advantages of the brick cladding are as follows - 

No Maintainance - 
One of the most important advantages of the brick cladding process that its a one time expense.No matter how harsh the weather conditions are the product remains intact and never discolors unlike paints.In addition you can also color the same as per your shades after some years if only you need a change.

Structural Benifits - 
Another good thing about cladding is that it helps the structure it’s installed on to resist being ruined by the weather, mold and pollutants. It also helps prevent cracking, since it protects the building from extreme heat and cold.
The basic purpose of external cladding is protection, and brick is one of the sturdier types that you can put on a building, to help protect it from both the elements and from normal wear and tear.

Natural Good Looking Appeal -
Brick cladding on a building turns a dull looking building into a  good-looking building, which helps bring up its sale price potential. Brick cladding comes in several colors, to help you match it to the other parts of the building.It gives biulding a raw look and stand apart different in comparison with other noral elevations.

 Bhakti Bricks0070

9" x 2" x 13 mm

9" x 2" x 20 mm

9" x 1" x 20 mm

 Bhakti Bricks0050


Bhakti Brick Industries

Manufacturer Of Wirecut & Perforated Bricks,Brick Claddings and Fire Bricks.

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We can even create unique designes for bricks or patterns to suit the customers or individual requirements, making your project one of a kind which will stand out from the rest both in aesthetic and looks.”

 Bhakti Bricks0020

 Bhakti Bricks0060

9" x 3" x 15 mm

9" x 4" x 15 mm

8" x 4" x 15 mm

9" x 3" x 13 mm

9" x 3" x 20 mm

8" x 3" x 13 mm

 Bhakti Bricks0030

Mellenium Brick Elevation Tiles / Mellenium Brick cladding

Double Bamboo Brick Elevation Tiles