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Seizes - 9' x 9' x 3'

" Bhakti Brick Jali can be used both in walls and also on ceiling for skylight "

"slab that lets in air, light and rain too"

Seizes - 9' x 9' x 3'

Bhakti Jaali Bricks can be used in roof slab for all practical purposes, but can let in all the three - air, light and rain! Hence, it is best suited for outdoor purposes, where there is no further upper floor. Being an assemblage of structural steel and blocks, it is not at all cumbersome like the RCC slab. The aesthetics, ease of assembly and maintenance together make the Bhakti perforated jaali brick roof a choice for many occasions.


bhakti brick jali,clay jali,terracotta clay jaalies
bhakti brick jali,clay jali,terracotta clay jaalies

"give your walls a natural ventilation"


Clay Jali / Partition Bricks

Bhakti Brick Industries manufacturers perforated jaalis bricks that could be either used in load bearing walls or partitions. At Bhakti we  have been producing the inclined jaali blocks that provide complete privacy to the interiors, while many architects have also experimented building the wall block itself in an angle, such that no rain penetrates and direct view is avoided.

The mason may have to take extra care not to unnecessarily spill mortar or pack the joints beyond the need.

Subsequently, the task of jaali building is like any other wall construction — only the regular brick is replaced by the jaali block.

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Installing Bhakti Jali Bricks on Roof -

Bhakti Jali Bricks are installed within mild steel framework, fabricated to the size required, with mortar packing in the joints from above. Depending upon the area to be covered, the structural design of M.S. frame may get cross beams and edge beams, but the top of all purlin-like horizontal members should be at the same level to take the blocks.The joints can also be filled with the grouting material with diffrent corors giving a symetrical look from the above. The top surface can be topped with glass, where the fabrication can be done to a gentle slope, to avoid rainwater falling inside.

Perforated roof sections can give a natural and beautifful look to the internal skylights or courtyard roofs. Sunlight penetrates through it only through the voids, hence the interiors get smooth touch with natural light yet a shadow textures.

Especially where a single piece of glass is not desirable due to quantity of light, jaali skylight can replace clear or even translucent glass, thereby reducing the quantity of light and controlling the daylight factor.

The jaali roof has a great advantage in being a light weight solution. In case a rooftop enclosure is desired where weight restriction limits our options, jaali roof is a safe choice.

Bhakti clay Jaali Bricks create climatic comfort also by reducing the solar glare inside. A typically large window gets so bright in our tropical sun that the rest of the room looks dark. The group of small openings in a jaali soften the light.

Cost saving is effected by reduced number of bricks required, reduction in mortar consumed, increased speed of construction and eliminating the need for much more costlier glass shutter windows.

At Bhakt Brick Idustries we manufacture processed clay jali bricks.

Jali/Jaali/Zali is the term used for a perforated clay block/Brick, usually with a ventilated sectional pattern manufactured and designed in calligraphy and geometry. Our Jali/Zali Brick is used in architectural decoration by wellknown architects,builders,interior designers and structural engineers.

The jali helps in lowering the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. Also when the air passes through these openings, its velocity increases giving profound diffusion. 

bhakti brick jali,clay jali,terracotta clay jaalies

Seizes - 9' x 9' x 3'