Fire / Refractory Bricks

We at Bhakti are one of the leading suppliers of fireclay bricks. Our fireclay bricks are produced from processed treated clay at high standards and manufacturing of all sorts of refractory materials with appropriate alumina and silica content which leads to the formation of highly heat resistant standard fire bricks. 
Our products are used in the core industries such as Steel Industry, Aluminum Industry, Cement Industry, Ceramic Industry, Electroplating Industry, Chemicals Plants, Dairy Plants, Fertilizers Plants and Forging Plants. The fireclay bricks are highly useful in the boiler and sugar industry, boiler cupola and steel foundry, cement pre-heater cyclone, silicate furnace, boilers incinerators, cement kiln, preheating zone and preheating furnace wall.

Common dimension of Asid Resistant Bricks and Tiles are:
230x115x75mm • 230x115x65mm • 230x115x50mm • 230x115x38mm • 230x115x30mm • 230x115x25mm • 230x115x20mm
230x115x15mm • 200x100x20mm • 200x100x12mm • 300x150x25mm • 300x150x20mm • 150x150x25mm • 150x150x20mm

We supply of Acid Resistant Bricks, Anti Acid Bricks, Acid Proof Bricks, Anti Abrasion Bricks, Alkali Resistant Bricks, Acid Resistant Tiles, Alkali Resistant Tiles, Acid Resistant Corner Tiles


Our refractory mortars i.e. fireclay mortars and the high alumina mortars are primarily used for jointing the refractory fire bricks, fireclay bricks and the high alumina bricks. These fire clay mortars are put into best use for manufacturing insulation bricks. The mortars are used for laying the basic layout of the bricks. We use top quality raw materials for our fire clay mortars. Moreover, our capabilities make it possible to use advanced techniques of processing in terms of manufacturing of fire clay and high alumina mortars

Bhakti fire brick is used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces. It brick is designed mainly to withstand high temprature, but also have a low thermal conductivity to save energy. Refractory fire bricks are used in applications with extreme mechanical, chemical, or thermal stresses, such as the inside of a wood-fired kiln or a furnace, which is subject to abrasion from wood, fluxing from ash or slag, and high temperatures. Our bricks have a high thermal mass which is sometimes a useful property in that they will retain heat eg in a pizza oven after the fire has been taken out. Kiln bricks are made by firing a clay based composition in the kiln until it is partly vitrified, and for special purposes may also be glazed. Refractory bricks usually contain 30-40% alumina and the primary raw material is usually chamotte with other materials. The maximum service temperature increases with increasing alumina content and kiln bricks can be obtained with an alumina content of 80% and above.

Seizes (Inch)

9 x 6 x 3

9 x 4.5 x 3

9 x 4.5 x 2

9 x 4.5 x 1

9 x 2 x 1


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