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Clay We use ..!!!! 

In our brick-making process, clay covers a range of naturally occurring raw materials which are used to make a product. The clays vary considerably in physical properties, colour, hardness etc. and mineralogical content. They do, however, have certain properties in common. They have the ability to be crushed and mixed with water to form a plastic material which can be moulded into various shapes. This can then be fired to a high temperature during which process it attains a hard, weather resistant characteristic. The key, in geological terms, is the mineral content of the raw material. This is common to all clay types. Pure clay mineral is formed from the erosion and weathering of primary igneous rocks. The clay mineral is transported away by the action of water, wind, ice etc. and re-deposited elsewhere. In the process it picks up a number of impurities, quartz, mica, calcium carbonate (lime), iron oxide etc.

Clay Winning

At Bhakti clay winning will depend on the depth, thickness, hardness and physical geology of the clay beds. The usual method for winning clay (extracting from the quarry) is once or twice a year by heavy plant machinery, whether it be excavators, back actors etc. to stockpile large amounts. 

Clay Preparation

At Bhakti Preparation consists of transforming the clay rock into plastic mouldable material by a process of grinding and mixing with water. We have a primary crusher, these are used to break down large lumps of rock to manageable size, which can then be fed to a secondary crusher.