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Bhakti Brick Industries: Design Resources

Bhakti Bricks is committed to providing comprehensive brick design services to customers throughout Indian states.

From coming up with potential shades for your building project, to incorporating paint colors and other building materials into your design, we take into account the context of the location you’re building in, your style preferences, and various other factors to come up with a vision that matches your goals or suggest the best possible brick as per architectural renders.

Bhakti Brick Design Consultations

Interested in meeting with a brick designer who knows the ins and outs of the industry? Bhakti Brick has an in-house designer available for consultations on-site in selected cities. It's easy to get started. Just request a design consultation by calling us and we will be in touch to schedule a day and time that works for you.


With our coordination, you’ll send any relevant specs or other details pertinent to your project, and we’ll start the dialogue from there — all communication will be done over email and phone for your convenience. Once we’ve made decisions about what type of brick will be best suited to your project, we’ll send along images of potential packages that could be put together, as well as any samples of popular building materials that may complement your project.

Brick Types

In addition to our regular face bricks, we manufacture the following:

  • Thin Brick Cladding – Real brick cladding made of natural clay extruded and baked in a fire kiln at desirable temperature to give it natural charming texture and shades.
  • Jallies and Breeze Blocks – Made from natural terracotta clay these façade bricks are in real trend. Gives your premises an ethnic and bold look.
  • Architectural Brick - Designed to meet stringent commercial building requirements, architectural brick can be purchased in a variety of size and style specifications. 
  • Flooring Brick Tiles / Brick Pavers - Paving brick is uniquely designed for outdoor paving projects, including walkways, driveways, patios and much more
  • Special Shapes - These bricks are specially designed for arches, walls and other architectural elements.
  • Brick Design FAQs

    Q: What are the different bonding types available in brickwork?

    A:  Often confused with mortar joints, the brickwork bonds are the actual patterns in which the brick is laid. Some vocabulary to remember when talking bonding:

  • Course – a row of bricks
  • Header – the short side of the brick facing out
  • Stretcher – the long side of the brick facing out
  • Q: Why does my brick look different than my neighbors, even though it is the same brick?

    A: What a great question! The beauty of having an organic product on your home is that it will vary slightly based on lighting, moisture, mortar color, your paint or cladding accents, and the run of brick. We like to think of brick as an art, not a science, so that means no two runs of brick are exactly alike.

    Q: Will the finish come off of my brick?

    A: Brick is made to last for generations; that’s why we love it so much. As with anything, you have to properly care for it to maintain its beauty, but you will not be required to do the extensive upkeep and maintenance that is often required with many other cladding choices.

    Q: Why is mortar color so important?

    A:  Mortar represents approximately 15 percent of the total surface of a wall; therefore, the mortar color you choose will be an integral part of your exterior design selections.  Mortar, much like grout for tile, can be tinted to blend or contrast with your brick color(s).

    One of the primary ingredients in mortar is sand. The sand color will affect the finished look of your mortar color. Lighter color sands are generally recommended for lighter colored mortars.

    Q: What is the difference between the various mortar joint styles?

    A:  Mortar, just like the thread in your favorite apparel, can serve as an interesting architectural element that can give a whole new look to a brick wall. We love to play with different mortar joint styles.

    One thing to consider when selecting your style is that installation price may vary based on the mortar joint style you select. You should check with your mason or builder to ensure they can successfully lay the mortar joint style you would like and then verify their pricing is still within your budget.


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