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Bhakti Brick Industries: Technical Resources

Bhakti Brick Company wants to be your source not only for innovative products but exceptional service, as well.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of contractors, builders, distributor partners, and other professionals to provide the technical support they need to ensure the success of their construction project in Major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Nashik, Surat, Ahmedabad, Goa, Gurugram, Delhi etc. Not only catering to Indian Markets we are proud to supply even in other countries such as UAE,Bangladesh,UK etc.

In addition to these services, we have a deep understanding of product requirements for particular neighborhoods and locales, as well as other technical requirements, including brick specs and material estimates.

How Much Does Brick/Cladding Cost?

Brick is the single most preferred exterior material across most of the Indian States. And for good reason Brick Cladding / Brick Tiles has unlimited design possibilities, brick dramatically increases a home's value, and it outperforms every other exterior building material from a maintenance and an investment viewpoint.

Bricks are classified in different ways depending on their color variation, strength, firing, absorption and extrusion level.

Also if the whole exposed brick is used the masonry should be very skilled as there shall not be any chances of double layer since plaster won’t be used. At Bhakti we suggest the cladding is the most suitable way to give a exposed brick finish. Also the advantage is its easy to install and many varieties and textures can be obtained.

Builder Notes & FAQ’s

Real Brick Cladding vs Concrete or Imitation products?

There are lots of advantages and benefits of choosing real clay brick slips over imitation concrete and plaster brick cladding.

One of the most important benefits of using genuine clay brick cladding from  Bhakti Bricks is that all our products are manufactured from real clay, that conform to the INDIAN standards, are fully frost resistant, have a very low salt content, and are extremely heat resistant (our bricks are fired in excess of 900deg celsius!),

There is a lot of companies who offer imitation products, made from concrete and other sub standard materials, and whilst their is a market for low quality bricks tiles, it is not a market we operate in, ordering from us ensures you are getting a product of the highest quality, that will last for years and years.

Q: What is mortar?

A: When building and constructing using masonry products, mortar is the principle binding material that is used to bond brick work together.Bhakti Brick Claddings can be installed with the regular morters, Adhesives and regular tile bonding chemicals available in markets. It all depends upon the surface you are installing.Traditional sand and cement mortar is almost always used to hold brick or stone together. When you install brick slips the same material can be used to grout the brick slips or if you do not want the regular mortar shade than you can mix it with different tile grout colors to get the desired shades.You can consult Bhakti Brick Company for the same. Grouting is done by piping in the mortar using a Mortar pointing gun or can done with the traditional way by fusing the grout in the plastic bag and pressing the same.Using traditional mortars when installing brick slips does have its drawbacks.Colour consistency can be difficult to obtain for the reason that sands vary somewhat.Consequently pre mixed pointing mortar is often recommended when pointing brick cladding, the finish of this product is consistent and uniform.

Q: Can pointing mortar be used inside and outside?

A: Pointing mortar can be used both internally and externally and weathers in exactly the same way as normal sand and cement mortar.

Q: Should I look to match my house Paints and Furniture when installing a brick slip in internal feature wall?

A: Many customers think this is the case but in reality it certainly is not. The vast majority of Indian houses are built in the proportional way combining colors, fabrics, furniture and flooring. When a walls are cladded with Brick Claddings it gives a natural charm and enhances the beauty of the house.It highlights all other textures of the house and makes them bold and appealing.These qualities of Bhakti Bricks allows to outshine and go beyond the mundane appearance, that often the yields from other products.

Q: Are bhakti brick cladding tiles available in different sizes and textures?

A: Yes, at Bhakti bricks you will find different natural textures and colors with different seizes.If we get good quantity then we can customize the same also for cients on pre-orders. For every designed render, there is a Cladding brick we at Bhakti bricks have. We can supply brick cladding/Tiles with a glazed finish, or with a wire-cut, water-struck or long format brick style. The options are almost endless. Use our other social prescence to find one that works for you, and compare it with another brick to see how it measures up.

Q: Are they fireproof?

A: Yes, they are. Bhakti Bricks are inert; they are kiln-fired at temperatures that surpass 900°c to 1200°c. Therefore,  Bhakti Bricks will hold a great deal of fire resistance. Heat does cause stress and pressure onto any material which can have implications, however. It’s worth checking the system that the Cladding or Brick Tile are stuck to is fireproof as well, to ensure maximum protection. We can supply fireproof brick cladding for you, but if you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to us.

Q: Do they have the same level of strength and durability as Exposed facing bricks?

A: All Good bricks have to comply with minimum performance standards as per Indian Standard Codes , but thin clay brick claddings are not laid the same method as you would lay a brick wall usually. Therefore, they can’t be used for structural purposes. Laying thin brick cladding tile involves using an adhesive or morter on the surface, and then are subsequently pointed as standard bricks would be.Thin Cladding Bricks may not be as structurally supportive, but they last just as long and offer the same level of insulation and weather resistance as regular bricks.In addition due to clay elasticity the external walls create a natural weather insulation and protects the walls to get cracked and maintains room temperature.

Q: Are they easy to install?

A: Yes, they are significantly more straightforward to install than traditional brick. As opposed to standard brick bonding patterns, thin clay brick cladding are simply glued onto a surfaces. Leaving a 4 to 10mm gap between each tile for the mortar joints.

Q: How are Bhakti brick cladding made?

A: Bhakti Clay Cladding Bricks are made in one of two ways. Usually, they are made by splitting through on wet bricks, or they are manufactured to precise specifications. At  Bhakti Brick Industries, all of our Bricks are moulded and fired as standard indian bricks are, which guarantees you get excellent quality bricks which can suit whatever project you’re planning.

Q: What are the advantages of brick slips?

A: There are numerous benefits of brick cladding tiles. The main ones being that these are significantly lighter than bricks, they require much less space and don’t require extensive building work if you fit them externally (as they can simply be mounted onto an existing substrate). They can create a rustic or modern appearance depending on your preference, with slips proving far less hassle to install. In addition you get widest varieties and broader option for selection.


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