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Our Thin Brick Panels are a factory-assembled system featuring genuine clay kiln-fired 1/2 THIN brick adhered to a 16″ x 48″ panel of three (3) different designs depending upon what you need to accomplish: High R-Values, weather resistance price point, or interior applications. Brick Panels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Nashik, Maharashtra

brick pannels


Black Board

The rigid backer board used to create Black Board Panels is a high density, nail base, asphalt impregnated Fiberboard. This blackboard product is a lighter weight and less expensive alternative to the concrete panel. Recommended for interior use only.

Conforms to industry standards ASTM C-208-94

brick pannels
brick pannels

Board Base

This panel system is a 16” x 48” concrete backer board used with THIN Brick that Is pre-applied at the factory. This product is designed for exterior and Interior usage. The product is strong, durable and perfect for just about any application.

Insulated Panels

This continuously Insulated panel allows you to achieve R-5 up to R-30, all carried on the outside of the stud wall. Using tested techniques and concealer screws of extremely high shear and tensile strength.

brick pannels

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