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Brick Tiles Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra

We are located amongst the dependable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Brick Tiles from Mumbai ( Maharashtra). Appreciated for their dimensional accuracy and ease of installation, these Brick Tiles are priced economically for the clients. The Brick Tiles, which we offer, are simple to maintain and have a long life. Why Our Brick Tiles? Dimensional accuracy Scratch resistant Easy to install Reasonably priced Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 pieces

These Brick Tiles are absolute specimen of beauty and nature. With their design and patterns, the Brick Tiles remind peaceful villages. Moreover, our Brick Tiles are suited for both external and internal applications. Our Brick Tiles are available in different colors, sizes and designs.

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Roofing Tiles Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Roofing Tiles Our Company are offering an extensive gamut of roofing tiles to our most reliable clients which are located through out the nation Our Company offer these roofing tiles in various eye catching colors and shapes These roofing tiles are widely available at market leading as well as at competitive prices

There are roofing materials like the ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles, roofing shingles and clay floor tiles available with the Bhakti Brick. Each kind of tile is maintaining its quality and standard since years. Even more advancement had come in the roof tiles to increase their benefits. The durability of each Bhakti Brick roof tiles had increased over time. Since most of the Bhakti Brick roof tiles are foreign made they maintain the uniform and perfect look of roof tiles. This will make them to look adorable on your roofs. This good looking property of Bhakti Brick roof tiles had made it the best roof tile brand in Mumbai. They are suitable for any weather conditions. These roof tiles can withstand both the heavy rains and hot summer. This property of the Bhakti Brick roof tiles had made it the best roof tiles for Indian roofs.

There will be only less maintenance and they have the power to retain the beauty of the roof tiles. For this the Bhakti Brick roof tiles are created with an extra layer on it.

Clay Floor Tiles Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Clay Tiles are clay based product (typically red or white in color). The clay is quarried, purified and then dried to create a powder (body slip). The clay is injected into a mold as dry powder then pressed at a moderate pressure rate and fired at a moderate temperature to create a bisque. The fired bisque (raw tile) is then screen printed with a pigment or pattern and a clear glaze (silica glass) is applied over the top. The tile is then re-fired causing the silica to melt and form a durable non-porous layer over the top of the pigment or pattern. The glaze can be either gloss, matte or textured made from mixture of clay and other materials that are then kiln-fired. Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles and Terracotta tiles are all clay tiles. Depending on their specifications these tiles can be used indoor and outdoor with many applications as wall, floors,counter tops, pavings, cladding, roofs and staircases.