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Bhakti Brick flexible cladding products can vividly and realistically reproduce the natural textures and colors of various stones, clay bricks, architectural concrete, timber etc. However, unlike traditional brick work or masonry, they are incredibly flexible, thin, lightweight, allowing them to be installed easily on almost any substrate. They are ideal cladding material that offer flexible application and design features for both exterior facade and interior decor.

Bhakti Brick flexible claddings are almost mineral-based, consisting of a mixture of assorted quartz sands, high-grade polymer and inorganic pigment. An additional reinforced fiberglass mesh is used when manufacturing big format products like flexible stone veneer. The Max size of our cladding product is 1200mmx2400mm.

Flexible Brick Manufacturers & Suppliers

Machine Brick Manufacturers & Suppliers in Nagaland

Machine Made Bricks Manufacturers In Nagaland – Building beautiful homes, buildings, or any commercial complexes has become easier with the help of machine-made bricks. Machine Made bricks are generally reasonable than the other and give a trendy and a smart look in a building. Well, if you are looking for the Top Machine Made Bricks Manufacturers in Nagaland, Maharashtra for the best construction process, then you should connect yourself with Bhakti Bricks. Our company will provide you the tough and long-lasting quality of machine-made bricks in Nagaland, Maharashtra. So, we want all the constructors to connect with us and get the quality range of bricks in Nagaland, Maharashtra.

Our company is serving you from years with the contemporary options of quality bricks to make your buildings look amazing. Bhakti Bricks manufactures the uniform varied bricks which are durable and as per the requirements of our customers. These bricks can be used in creating an educational building, café, a commercial complex or a house in a most creative way. So, connect with Bhakti Bricks in Nagaland, Maharashtra and get the amazing machine made bricks range to get cool and comforted buildings. To know more, you can call us on 9833751811, or drop us an email at info@bhaktibricks.com.

Delivery lead times and prices vary depending on availability and quantityordered.  We would recommend that you either message us via our ‘Contact Us’ page or call us for up to date costings and lead times.